What a great job Uniquely Transformed have done. They have taught me how to exploit my physical training and mind set,to give me the confidence of managing my work commitments including regular overseas trips, frequent lunch and dinner work meetings with ease.  They are no longer obstacles to achieving and maintaining a healthier lifestyle long term.  I was always strongly supported via regular personal and online contact, between my training sessions(2/week).   This has resulted in losing 14kgs during the 12 week program.  Thanks Steve and Helen.


Helen and Steve have given me the motivation and skills to improve both my physical and mental health significantly. In the past I have never been able to motivate myself to train on my own and have found diets to be either unsustainable or not suitable to my lifestyle.

The small group training sessions are great. Steve is always positive and tailors the sessions to each member of the group, and everyone is made to feel welcome and comfortable. I quickly got to a point where I would be looking forward to the next session not dreading it!

Helen’s health coaching has changed my attitude towards eating and drinking – I still enjoy my favourite things but am now a lot more mindful about what I eat and when I eat it.

I lost a significant amount of weight during the 12 week program, but more importantly I have never felt so healthy, energetic, fit and strong.

By being made accountable for my eating, and exercising but never made to feel guilty I have been able to exceed the goals I set for myself at the start of the program.

I have been given skills I will be able to use for the rest of my life. Better still, this has happened in an environment that is friendly, welcoming and motivating! I look forward to continuing this journey with Uniquely Transformed.

I can highly recommend getting in touch with Helen and Steve. Thanks Guys!

Matt ran his first ever fun run in march 2018 completing the 15.3km kids fun run.  He ran so well, he is now in training for a half marathon later in 2018. We will keep you posted

For the past three months I have had a most rewarding and inspirational experience  working with the team from Uniquely Transformed.  I have truly been transformed mentally and physically within a short time and can only go forward to reach my weight loss goals for life. I felt comfortable at all times and my confidence grew.
The training sessions were personally tailored for me by Steve and the daily coaching by Helen, changed my whole approach to weight loss.  I no longer aim to be perfect and self sabotage.  I now live guilt free and find it easy to stay on track even life’s hurdles.
Having lost 2 dress sizes in 12 weeks, I now have the confidence and knowledge to know that I can repeat this three more times. Thank you so much Steve and Helen.

18.12.2017 (Tom completed 2 cycles of the 12 week coaching program)

I came to Helen & Steve about 9 months ago, at my heaviest weight ever and very unhappy with the way I looked. A week or two before going to see them I had been clothes shopping and had to get XXL to XXXL sized clothes as nothing fit any more. Even more importantly, I had a wakeup call from my doctor after being told both my cholesterol levels and blood pressure were too high.

I travel overseas about one week in three and between boredom eating and drinking in airports, planes and hotels, along with endless business breakfasts, lunches and dinners, I had stacked weight on over a number of years. I needed a huge lifestyle overhaul, not just some fad diet.

I worked with Helen and Steve for 9 months (3 months of which were overseas) and a huge lifestyle change is exactly what I got! They were incredibly helpful and supportive, working around my travel with Helen making herself available to speak to me at odd hours when I was overseas. She helped me manage the healthier options of different cuisines and discussed food in simple, easy to understand ways.

l have lost 20 kilos so far, gained strength and fitness, and developed a much healthier relationship with, and understanding of, food. Helen tirelessly worked with me to develop easy strategies to manage food and alcohol, both at home and overseas, with great success. Steve got me fitter and stronger and developed routines to fit in with my lifestyle.

I would like to thank them both very much as without their help and expertise I have no doubts I would be seeing in 2018 still overweight, unhealthy and unhappy instead of being thinner, fitter and much healthier! My cholesterol and blood pressure are back to normal and even my doc was smiling! I now have the skills and motivation to continue on this road to a better me with a healthy eating and exercise plan but still enjoy myself. Thanks so much! You’re both awesome!

PS. I just replaced all my clothes in size M! Woo hoo!