Are Your More Frustrated Than Ever?

(1)  Do you eat well and still struggle to lose weight?

(2)  Do you always regain all of your weight plus more?

(3) Are you fed up with being on a diet?

We have a complete nutritional and mindset program tailored for you. 

We will help you lose weight and keep it off by learning to eat  a little of everything guilt free and not count one calorie or point.  Eat what you want and we will show you how to portion control this in all social settings.

Every member receives the following unlimited support for FREE:

(1)   Access to a full range of online videos to learn how to eat a little of everything in total control, with no diets or counting calories.

(2)   Weight loss shopping guide-includes photos of products to buy including a 2 week meal plan.

(3)  A health and fitness assessment pre and post completing each program

(4)  Monthly group telephone conference health coaching calls

In addition to all of the FREE nutritional and mindset education provided, there are four program options to choose from.

Each program runs for a 12 week duration.

The group personal training session, run for 45mins and have a maximum of 5 people.

Each 30min health coaching call with Helen Bauzon, is conducted via the telephone, at a time that suits you.

The key difference between the 4 weight loss programs includes the number of group personal training and health coaching sessions, listed in order from the least to the greatest volume below.

The quicker you want your weight loss, the greater amount of exercise classes and health coaching is recommended.

Contact Helen to organize your free trial by calling Helen on 0413265296 or send an email.

melbourne personal training weight loss

Our prices of just training (with unlimited online nutritional and mindset videos) is a low as $20 per 45min exc. class

plus including unlimited Health Coaching contact with Helen Bauzon – it is only $42 per 45min exc. class

Why is the investment in your future health so cheap?  Easy, Steve and Helen are very passionate about making a difference in your life and coaching to understand how to do better to keep the weight off by learning how to stop trying to be perfect with your lifestyle.

Perfectionism will guarantee you failure.  An 80 : 20 approach of, following an ideal balance in food and exercise 80% of the time and 20% being less strict but still very accountable, is the key.  Weight loss is 80% about your food choices.

If you feel like you are eating well and still not losing weight, You need to be shown what you are doing wrong.  You to will then report like everyone else “is that all it takes?” .  Absolutely!!!  It would be strongly recommended you choose either of the Steady Weight Loss or the Quickest Weight Loss programs that include health coaching as your initial starting point.

Both Steve and Helen like to have fun. They live the life they recommend of being active having fun and eating a little of everything.  Enjoy the videos below.

To help you make decision and clarify any questions, please call Helen Bauzon on 0413 265 296 or email the team anytime.

Also stay in contact with us via
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