A dieters life all starts well on Monday, often before the day is out, the diet is broken and overeating out of control takes over. The only solution is to learn to Eat Guilt Free.  Health Coach Helen Bauzon uncovers your barriers to be able to Eat Guilt Free and begins hammering these down to insignificance.   To have freedom around food is amazing. You will have more time to think about more important things in your life.

A greater will power will not help. Stop looking there.  Will power may get you started, but it never finishes the job off.

So what would be your starting point to begin eating guilt free.You can start by recording down all the things you have tried to do to lose weight in the past.  Look at them for the very last time and then burn or shred the paper into pieces yelling as you you remove this paper from existence, you will no longer control me.

Your next step, to learn how to break the diet cycle. When the diet cycle is broken, it takes three steps to eat guilt free. The first, is to view food as JUST FOOD.  A fuel and not a comforter, no more.  No longer label food  as being good/bad or healthy/unhealthy.  This mentality makes you crave everything you have told yourself you should not eat.


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