Below are some commonly asked questions that will address your initial questions immediately.

If you have any additional questions please feel to call us on 0413 265 296 or email us anytime.

How does Uniquely Transformed differ from other weight loss programs?

The answer to this question is very simple. This program is completely tailored to suit you and ensure your individual weight loss, medical and mind set goals are achieved.  The goal is to help you lose the weight and keep it off, by providing a major focus on helping you alter your mind set. This will help you stop the dieting merry go round, of losing and gaining weight with interest. Learn eat out socially in all setting with total control and not count one calorie or point.

There are four program options to choose from.

All four programs have unlimited online support of nutritional and mindset videos, to help you learn to eat a little of everything guilt free in total control.  The difference between on four programs is the number of training sessions and whether Health Coaching is chosen.

Should I combine both training and Health Coaching

Absolutely YES. You can never out exercise a bad dietary intake.  One day of indulgence could take 7 days to recover from. Weight loss is predominantly about your food choices.

We understand that you have tried many things before to lose weight and they have been successful short term only.  Think about why?  Was the dietary regime too strict that it was too hard to maintain? Was the exercise causing injuries or just were not enjoyable?

Uniquely Transformed is the exact opposite.  We understand that everyone is an individual and should be treated like one. Hence we:

  • Offer individual assessment and the commencement and conclusion of each program
  • You are predominantly coached on an individual basis, with the monthly teleconference calls only a s a group
  • Steve offers fun, social and most importantly results driven training for you based on your fitness level
  • You’ll learn how to stop dieting, and eat a little of everything guilt free

Please note that only the Steady Weight Loss and Quickest Weight Loss programs include health coaching. option offers the most intensive program for best results.

Otherwise a great compromise would be to combine your own exercise with the Health Coaching Only if you live too far away

Which program should I begin with?

If your desire is to really make a permanent change, you would choose the Steady Weight Loss or the Quickest Weight Loss options. due to the intense coaching outside of your training to prevent you relapsing. Helen Bauzon will support you via:

  • Nutritional education – to learn how to stop dieting and eat a little of everything guilt free
  • Access to the full online nutritional and mindset coaching course
  • Daily SMS accountability
  • weekly individual 30min health coaching power calls
  • Monthly teleconference group support calls

Once you have completed your first round of a Steady Weight Loss or the Quickest Weight Loss options you may then move to training only as the online nutritional and mindset support continues.

Which diet would I need to follow?

The quick and simple answer to this is, NO DIET. Dieting is the worst thing you could do. Instead, you will be shown how to eat a little of everything and learn how to portion control by ensuring each meal contains:

  1. adequate amounts of protein
  2. controlled amounts of carbohydrates (stop trying to avoid them, it’s impossible)
  3. a consistency that required chewing rather than drinking

Meal plans, photos of ideal products to buy are provided to help three key areas, weight loss surgery, general weight loss and I.B.S.

Why do I keep slipping back into old habits?

Stop dieting. The less perfect you aim to be and follow a guideline of 80% of the them to follow an ideal lifestyle promoting weight loss, then a smaller percentage of 20% you can be more flexible but never drop the bundle completely and aim to start again on Monday.  This sabotages your efforts and makes you eat out of control.  The coaching session will teach how to be in charge and take control of your eating habits.

I don't want to get big and bulky?

If that’s not what you want, then you wont get it. You will only become bulky if you lift heavy weights of small number of repetitions.  Toning involves the opposite, light weights and higher number of repetitions. This form of training does not bulk.

From your initial assessment with Steve, a program tailored to meet your health and physical goals will be developed just for you.

How often do you weigh me?

The primary focus is placed on change in centimeters/size.  The easiest and quickest way to monitor this at home is to wear an outfit that is too tight and take a photo.  Once every two weeks, try the outfit on again and enjoy watching it getting looser and looser by the week.

During your initial assessment, your measurement and photo will be taken and stored in your file for a comparison at your review assessment.

What payment options are there?

You can choose to pay upfront the full amount for your chosen program or in installments. This will all be discussed and organised during your initial assessment with Steve where your personalized program will be developed.

How will a program be developed specifically for me?

During your initial assessment the following will be discussed with you:

  1. What you want to achieve regarding weight loss, lifestyle and medical changes
  2. A training program will be developed based on your level of fitness and any injuries. During your program, the intensity of the program will be constantly reviewed and modified based on your increased fitness levels.
  3. Your training will be conducted on an individual, group or a combination of both (individual and small group personal training) based on your chosen program
  4. The Training and Health Coaching option will offer you the greatest amount of motivational and health coaching by Helen Bauzon on a daily basis via weekly power phone calls and SMS accountability, in addition to the monthly teleconference meetings and online education
Once I finish my first program, what would I do next?

Once you finish your first 12 week round of a program you can choose to either repeat it or reduce the health coaching support to a minimum and do a maintenance program, which includes training and the continued online nutritional and mindset support.  All program options can be seen here.  Please feel free to contact Helen on 0413 265 296 her email to discuss this further

What is involved in the 45min exercise programs?

Both Steve and Helen conduct the maximum 5 people in an exercise session.  Every class is different, you will never get bored. Every program includes a cardio, weight and core session to ensure the whole body is exercised in a safe and fun environment.  It does no matter what your starting fitness level is. Every program is tailored to your personal fitness levels, needs and goals as discussed during  your initial assessment.

You are welcome to a free trial session. To organize, please call Helen on 0413 265 296 or email.