The long arduous days of running on the treadmill to lose weight are long gone.  Don’t waste your time, because it wont lose body fat quickly. Today, science is telling us that we need to also look towards weights.  Not only does stimulating muscle growth speeds up metabolism, but it also burns fat faster.  For this reason our personal training gym in Mulgrave with Uniquely Transformed, will always combine cardio (brisk movement) with light weights, to help you Lose Body Fat Quickly, most importantly in a fun and supportive manner.

Please do not stress females about becoming big and bulky, this will not happen guaranteed. A nice strong toned body, wow very attractive and functionally allows us to live life to the fullest.

A toned body is a strong body which creates a strong mind

Keep in mind to lose body fat quickly, your dietary intake is also crucial. Try fewer carbs at night and promise us you wont go down the path of carbohydrate free. This is so unsustainable and will set you up to fail.

As you get stronger with your training, interval training of varying intensity allows you to exercise for a shorter time frame and burn more calories.  If you go hard too early on in your training program, you are at risk of injuries, that will only prevent you from losing fat quickly.  Slow and steady wins the race.  We see too many people get motivated to lose weight and they begin exercising with cross training or running. When your body is not conditioned or strong enough for this intensity you are likely to injure yourself.  You need to move to lose your body fat quickly.  It also does wonders for your mind to want to do better also

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Lose weight and keep it off

Lose body fat quickly by incorporating weight training